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  • Master Kimber Stocking Dealer

    We specialize in Kimber pistols and rifles.

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  • TX CHL Classes

    Concealed Handgun Classes are taught by veteran Marine Bob 'Gunny B' Belk. Every Saturday. Pre-registration required. Other dates by appointment.

  • NRA Classes

    Group and private classes available in Pistol and Home Safety. Great for beginners as well as those wanting a refresher course in gun safety and marksmanship.


WELCOME TO RAY’S GUN SHOP – Home of Gunny B’s CHL and Pistol Safety/Shooting Classes

Ray’s Gun Shop only sell firearms through our web store only and we continue to offer FFL Transfer services.  Please note, we NO longer carry a physical inventory of firearms/ammo/supplies like in the past.   You can now shop for hand guns, shotguns, and rifles without ever leaving the house through our web store at Davidson’s Gallery of Guns. (See Shop 24/7 below for details).  Bob Belk (USMC-Retired and LTC Instructor) will handle all firearm transactions ordered through our web store.   Bob is also the instructor for the Texas Licensed to Carry (LTC) Classes (formerly known as CHL) and Gun 101 Pistol Safety/Shooting Classes. Classes held upstairs inside Ray’s Pharmacy or he can come to you.   Click on the class schedule for upcoming dates.  If you have any questions, you can call or text Bob at 817 714-3335 or email him at bbelk@rayspharmacy.com.  LTC classes cost $60.00 and private classes (1/1) $125.00 per person. If don’t own a hand gun he rents them for $40.00.  Rental includes handgun, 50 rounds ammunition, and cleaning.

Shop 24/7 with the Gun Genie

Gun Genie


Gun Genie allows you to conveniently purchase that new firearm you have been looking from Ray’s Guns Shop and never leave the comfort of your home. This includes the ability to tap into Davidson’s huge firearm inventory (they sell only to Federally Licensed Firearm retailers in the United States) for many items such as extra magazines and accessories.   There are NO FFL transfer fees for purchases made this way like some other gun stores charge.

Simply click on the Gun Genie icon on the right to begin shopping.  The Your Cost Price is what you pay plus S/H and the 8.25% sales tax.  S/H is either $12.95 for a pistol, or $9.95 for a long gun.   Davidson requires a 25% upfront deposit and when the gun arrives you pay us the difference.  There is no gimmicks, it’s simple, fast and convenient.  Note:  Must be able to pass a background check or possess a valid Texas CHL & DL.  You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase a handgun or 18 years of age to purchase a long gun.

Ordering using Gun Genie makes sure that you are covered with Davidson’s  GuaranteeDSM Lifetime Replacement Warranty.       This added value gives you peace of mind knowing they will replace or repair your firearm at no cost to you.  No other distributor offers this and you won’t find it at any of the big box retailers.  They will tell you to contact the firearm manufacture.

If you have any after hours questions or concerns, please call or text Bob at 817 714-3335 or email me at bbelk@rayspharmacy.com


Call us at 817-714-3335 or email Bob at bbelk@rayspharmacy.com

$60.00 Per Person
$125.00 Private Class 1/1

$125.00 Per Person

$25.00 w/Valid CHL
$35.00 w/Out CHL

Handguns: $40.00
Rifles/Shotguns: $45.00

$25.00 Service Fee + Parts and Labor

Email Bob



Paris, France, San Bernardino, Orlando, Dallas and now Nice, France.
This is for real people, what are you waiting for? Now more than ever is the time to arm yourself, not disarm. If you don't own a firearm, let me help you with your next purchase.

If you don't know how to shoot but want to learn, I will teach you to safely handle a firearm and shoot it. I'm a certified NRA pistol instructor and a Texas State certified Licensed to Carry Handgun instructor (formerly known as CHL). It's time you face reality and arm and defend yourself against those who wish to do harm to you and your family, even this country.

Call or text me at 817 714-3335 or email me at bbelk@rayspharmacy.com - Thanks - Gunny B (Bob)

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